Monday, April 27, 2009

Progress! Progress!

It's happening! I've got some fresh pics for you.

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Anonymous said...

Must be such a rush of divine energy to daily see this spectacular bldg. evolve into exactly what God told your dad many years ago it WOULD be!!!!!

I remember him always telling our congregation how God told him once to drive around the whole block and said that one day it would ALL be his, for his church.
That kind of real conversation with God DID always make ME want to have one too, but THAT was never the most intriguing part.
The part that I always held close to my heart was the fact that Bro. Lowe always believed what God had told him, and he was never so anxious about it to where he would ever STOP believing b/c he KNEW it would happen, and only in God's time.
That has always been my basis for KNOWING that faith was real, it worked, and your own personal arsenal of it could be built upon to limitless reserves for your entire life!

REALLY good stuff!!! :)