Monday, July 20, 2009

You've Got to "Keep it!"

Relationships are tricky, aren't they? I mean, as long as you are "dis-connected" there can never be any assaults against a relationship that simply doesn't' exist. But the moment you begin to make real and valid connections -- the moment a relationship has begun, there are a myriad of attempts to destroy the ties. Many come from outside influences -- some from circumstances beyond our control, still others come from simple misunderstandings that could have easily been avoided. But perhaps the biggest deterrent to strong and lasting relationships is the deadly poison of complacency.

For a relationship to remain strong and viable, we must be intentional. A one-time encounter will never be sufficient to forever secure a lasting, fruitful friendship. No matter how great the original attraction -- whatever might have first initiated the bond, be assured of this; a complacent attitude will be the undoing of any relationship.

Friendships cannot thrive where complacency exists. In a marriage, in a group or fraternity of any kind, a haphazard response to a friend will mean the death of the relationship.

The obvious truth is before us. Our ongoing fruitful relationship with Jesus Christ necessitates -- demands that there be more than a one time encounter -- more than a momentary "feel-good" experience with God. We cannot be "bump and run" Christians if we anticipate a deep and abiding -- in tact connection with the Lord.

Back burner relationships always grow cold and stale. What relationships in your life need attention today? If you want to keep it -- you've got to "Keep" it! You've got to tend it, nourish it, give great attention to it! Now that you've been reminded -- go do it!

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Cassandra said...

Pastor Tom, that is such good truth...if we want to confess we have 'a relationship with Jesus' then we really need to look at the state of that relationship and the truth is they DO take work don't they? :) Great word!