Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is It Easy?

I'm in Dallas today and tonight attending Covenant Church's Elevate Conference (www.covenantchurch.org). It's been good to connect with some wonderful friends and be blessed by great ministry at the same time. A place like Covenant Church really challenges you to live on another level -- to believe that God can bless His work and that He WILL bless His work. This campus is amazing and the excellence that is displayed brings much glory to God. The crazy thing is that they make it all look so easy. The reality is that a work of this magnitude takes great vision, strong leadership, consistent follow-through, love for humanity and a ton of prayer. All of that sounds very taxing -- but when God gives a vision He gives the power and the grace to bring it all to pass. With God all things are possible -- but that doesn't mean it's always easy!


Anonymous said...

who are the speakers in this conference?

tom lowe said...

Mike Hayes, Jimmy Evans, Brett Jones, Tudor Bismark, Phil Munsey and others. Speical worship leaders were Mary Alessi, David and Nicole Binion, and John Ragsdale.

Cassandra said...


Just looked over your, "Is it Easy?" post! Great thoughts for any day!
Barak Stafford