Friday, October 10, 2008

It's On The Way!

October 22nd will be a day to celebrate! It's just less than 2 weeks away and the first load of steel will be delivered! Thank You, Jesus! The wait has been long, but we are definitely closer than we were. Soon and very soon -- we are going to see the steel. I, like you, can hardly wait. The faithfulness of God cannot be measured. All through this process, we have seen God's grace upon us. From the property acquisition to the Touching Eternity Campaign -- even in our banking relationships, God is true to His word! I had the opportunity to pray with a Community Trust Bank representative on Thursday. As we talked, I just felt compelled to pray for her. So I asked, "Do you mind if I pray for you and your family?" She welcomed it and the spirit of the Lord came so strongly -- I know God is bringing the answer! Get ready for great stuff -- It's On The Way!

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Moore About Us... said...

Man, that is exciting. Is that a picture of our steel??